What if children educated adults?

Giuseppe Sofo will be at RAUM Italic / SPAZIO Corsivo to present “Handbook for the (mis)education of grown-ups” on Friday the 31st of May at 5:30 pm.

The Handbook is full of tips, illustrated by Eleonora Marton and it is meant to guide the grown-ups to rethink about the daily rules that form their daily life. Wouldn’t it be fun to rediscover our inner child, to let children teach grown-ups how to reshape the world they live in?

This is an occasion you can’t miss. Giuseppe will also involve big and small spectators into a creative exercise: “Which rule would you add to the ones that are already part of the handbook?”.

We will just need a sheet of paper and some crayons, the rest will be a total surprise, maybe even for yourself.

Bring your children, and don’t leave at home your inner child. Each one of us still has his own hidden somewhere!

Warning: this presentation, as well as the book, may cause laughs, joy, serendipity, unexpected and unforeseeable behavior, such as jumping around the house, or trying to fly from one chair to the next.