Un Sedicesimo 41 by 44Flavours

27  ottobre  2016 - alle 18,30

“For more than ten years, Julio Rölle and Sebastian Bagge [otherwise known as 44 Flavours] have been working closely together as graphic designers and artists. They are definitely rooted in graffiti, which is not only visible in style and technique but also in their light-hearted approach, their unshakeable DIY-attitude as well as their ability to improvise and turn every piece of paper, board, wood or fabric into a piece of art. Analogue is the motto: they saw and cut, paint and spray.Julio and Sebastian are living the dialogue. Not just the dialogue between each other but also a lived commune with all the signs and forms of the visual culture that surrounds them and therefore shapes them. Their work is an example of how to incorporate historic references with a playful touch while integrating actual and global visual phenomena respectfully.” Jana Duda