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by Eloisa Guarracino
illustrated by Daniela Spoto

17 x 24 cm | 28 pages | English and Italian texts | Hardcover | ISBN 978-3-944858-52-4 | 15 €

Mimì and Minù are looking at the sky and discover that clouds are nothing but the people who no longer live on the earth. When people dye, their minds, which are as subtle as the air, fly in the sky becoming clouds. That’s the reason why clouds often have such a familiar shape!
Mimì and Minù recognize their grandfather, their old aunt and even Garibaldi and Napoleon.
The space up there is huge and floating lightly among the swallows, over the world, such as clouds, has to be truly fantastic.

A soft and delicate story dealing with an intimate theme, the most difficult one but also very natural, such as death.