Renzo Piano (English)


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Eloisa Guarracino & Ángela León
24 x 24 cm | 48 pagine | disponibile in italiano e inglese | cartonato
ISBN 978-3-949042-12-6 | 16 €


Produced by the MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo di Roma.


For Renzo Piano, designing a building is equivalent to an adventure: exploring space and forms in search of authentic beauty, capable of improving places and the lives of communities. Through the narration of some of Piano’s most significant projects – the famous ones, but also the lesser known –, this volume retraces the poetics of a great architect, who from the very beginning has been able to unite, thanks to the flair and lightness of a genius, art and technique in each of his projects.

After Alighiero Boetti, Zaha Hadid and Bill Fontana, Renzo Piano is the fourth book in the Piccoli MAXXI series, and the third published with RAUM Italic.